Who are we and what we offer

We are a 100% woman/minority, and LGBTQ owned and operated logistics company that offers expedited refrigerated and dry van delivery services across the United States of America. We believe in providing our customers with the best personalized services for their companies needs. We are able to offer competitive rates to our clients which will give them be best value for dedicated accounts. Our goal is to operate a innovation driven transportation company with environmental friendly and cost effective equipment. This gives us the opportunity to consistently offer our customers the best rates and the highest performance in freight delivery.

Mika St.Cyr


Lisa St.Cyr


Founders of Guarded Saints Trucking LLC

We are the founders of Guarded Saints Trucking. We always have had a dream of owning our own transportation company one day. The road for us to to get here has not always been easy. Being women, and being part of the LGBTQ community we have faced many challenges in this industry. As the years passed it became more and more apparent that we needed to create a company that truly believe in equality of all team members. Our mission is to encourage more women, more minorities and more of the LGBTQ community to join us out here on the road. We wanted to create a company that does not discriminate or judge anyone, a place where our drivers and staff are all given the same opportunities, treat fairly and with respect. A place where anyone, from any background can be comfortable and just be themselves.

Guarded Saints Trucking cares deeply about the environment and the footprint our company leaves behind. The equipment we have chosen for our fleet is driven by innovation, and is equipped with environmentally friendly features to help reduce output of emmisions into the air and reduce the costs and use of diesel fuel. Our equipment also has industry leading safety features to assist our drivers in unforseen situations, keeping them and everyone else on the road safe.